• Student Work: Yifei Zhang

    Student Work: Yifei Zhang

Building Better Cities
  • Instructor: Timur Dogan, Vanessa Carlow (COBE)
  • Class Type: Studio
  • When: Spring 2017
  • Link:

Population growth, urbanization, and related space constraints require new construction and densification of urban centers around the world. Until 2050, the UN forecasts a construction demand that is equivalent to 750 times the size of a city like Rome. With roughly 40% of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions coming from buildings (UNEP, 2008), this is a worrisome development. On the flip side, the construction and renewal of urban centers is a unique opportunity to mitigate climate change through intelligent design solutions, energy efficiency improvements, and increased use of renewable energy and other local recourses such as rainwater.

Apart from being resource-efficient, next-generation urban habitats need to provide indoor and outdoor comfort conditions including access to daylight, high-quality public spaces, and streetscapes as well as innovative transportation concepts. Concepts to cope with extreme weather such as storms, heavy rain events, and heatwaves must be considered as well. This studio will address the question of how architects, urban designers can account for these diverse issues in the design processes. Students will learn about emerging building performance and mobility modeling tools and will be challenged to develop a high-density, high-quality neighborhood design in NYC through an informed design process.